GARANIN CORP. is the result of a hobby and passion being turned into a business - a life project. 

Our Story

Owner Anton M. Garanin a car enthusiast, young collector and speed chaser was born in Kaliningrad, Russia, where from an early age he developed a deep love and appreciation for building things from scratch, anything  he could get his hands on.  As a young boy, he built toy cars and motorcycles for him and his friends from whatever materials he could find.  At 16, his father gave him an old LADA, a Russian made car. Anton rebuilt the car up from scratch and restored it to its original glory. At 19 years of age, Anton moved to the United States in search for the American dream and the pursuit of happiness. He never abandoned his love for cars, and in between classes and jobs he kept working on them. He would buy cars that he liked and wanted to drive, and after fixing them and bringing them up to par, he would then sell them for a profit. In the year 2015, he turned his hobby and passion into a great business. 

Garanin Corp. is an automotive dealer that is registered and licensed in Florida. With his keen attention to detail, Anton showcases and sells amazing imported cars that you cannot find anywhere else.  Where others see nothing, Anton sees a great machine. He puts his heart and soul into each car sold by Garanin Corp., making sure that no detail or imperfection is overlooked.

Garanin Corp. offers a unique selection of nostalgic cars from the 90s.  It focuses on offering cars that are considered to be icons of quality and built. Garanin Corp. is not just any dealership.  With his knowledge of cars and parts, Anton takes care of the sales himself, often making long-lasting relationships with clients who also share a passion for cars.

At Garanin Corp. you get individualized service, attention to detail and a great product. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Owner Anton Garanin is also a motorcycle rider, court interpreter, a father of two and a loving husband.  When he is not working as a court interpreter, you can find him working on something special.